México is one of the main countries where onyx items are manufactured.

First, the artists create a blueprint and draw a design. Once at the workshop, the artists begin the cutting processes of the onyx rock block using tools with diamond discs. Water is added in order to avoid breaking, burning or damaging the rock block in any way. Different types of cutting tools are used during this process. Polishing tools are also used depending on the type and size of the item being produced.

After the cutting process, the items are glossed with acid to give them shine. Subsequently, the artists apply a fine polish to obtain more shine from the rock. Lastly, all the pieces are assembled using resins to create the final product. Onyx is a mineral rock and is classified as a semi-precious stone. It is a variant of the agate rock combined with quartz with a mix of light and dark colors. Onyx is commonly used for meditation as it helps to alleviate emotional issues. It also helps to increase concentration and to provide protective energy. Onyx exists in a variety of colors, sizes, and types. The combination of these features influences the artists’ creative choices. Each furniture piece is classified as unique, because the extracted onyx block has specific and individual shapes and colors. All our designed furniture is 100% customizable, which means our clients can request specific sizes and rock colors. The artists’ skills, passed on through generations, are only limited by their imagination.